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Dems That Voted Against "Born Alive" Bill Financed by P P

FACT CHECK: ‘Every Single Democrat That Voted Against The Born Alive Bill Received Money From Planned Parenthood’ 10:09 AM 03/25/2019 Jimmy R. Lewis | Contributor Kaya Jones, a former memb...... Read More
Posted Seconds ago by us2nomads

ArcaMax Jokes

Tail Light "How long have you been driving without a tail light?" asked the policeman after pulling over a motorist. The driver jumped out, ran to the rear of his car and gave a long, pain...... Read More
Posted 32 minutes ago by BrotherDocs

Selfies and Pics of Me As a Kid

This is a photo post containing 5 photos... Read More
Posted 32 minutes ago by Xander-Ate-Pie

Blessings....Good Morning!

...... Read More
Posted 40 minutes ago by ellie1142545


Mad Dog GG. New phase his Major Depressive Disorder has come back like a B52 bomber loaded with Nuclear Weapons of destruction. I'm sure the arguement with his daughter pushed him over the edge...... Read More
Posted 53 minutes ago by LouieLouie


*joy .*A joy shared is a joy ..Doubled..** . by Jr...... Read More
Posted 2 hours ago by greenfairy

What is Love

What is love, We question, We wonder It is simple It is happy, It is sad, It is life, That feeling You can not describe When we see the smile, That unseen light That shine, The unseen feeling Of peace...... Read More
Posted 3 hours ago by tesstruhartz1

A Shrink Shrinks

A Shrink Shrinks - Allowing a coward to wave our flag is like permitting a thief to guard our money -...... Read More
Posted 4 hours ago by udontsay

A Disastrous Meal….

The Plate was too Hot........ In 1948, after World War Two, my father opened his shop in Main Street in our home town back in Ireland. He was a Shoemaker and Repairer and quite good at his trade. It...... Read More
Posted 5 hours ago by wicklowmick

Ady Barkan, portrait in courage, fighting for health care for all

i have a confession to make. I hsve been known to play hookey on a resistance march or picket because I wanted an extra hour of sleep, or to eat a nice meal. Ady Barkan makes me ashamed of my lack of...... Read More
Posted 9 hours ago by scenefromtheleft

A Moderate Point of View: Will President Trump now finally admit that the Mueller Probe was not a Witch Hunt!!! He should!!

PERSONAL OPINION/COMMENTARY: Anyone who bothered to look at Boob Muellers history and background in an unbiased way would have clearly arrived at the conclusion that he was a "Boy Scout"...... Read More
Posted 10 hours ago by AMODPOVW

All Flame Wars Gone. 6 Pages Of Posts Go Back Nearly 1,800 Days Ago

Flame Wars Gone. 6 Pages Of Posts Go Back Nearly 1,800 Days Ago When There Were Fun Replies, Videos, And Music To Enjoy...... Read More
Posted 10 hours ago by smfmystery

Old and new

This is a photo post containing 1 photo... Read More
Posted 11 hours ago by SukiOkido


Good-afternoon to you all, I hope all is well with you, as for Mindy and I, well we have been given a reprieve, I phoned to see what time Sue wanted to see Mindy to take out her sutures, and the nurse...... Read More
Posted 12 hours ago by Shaunepawn

Hey, yeah, I'm all about Religion

Voodoo. An African word meaning "holy", before Hollywood (Holy Cross) got its clammy hands on someone else's spirituality. Ewwww...... Read More
Posted 14 hours ago by Oakie2012

Mari Ana... just for you... Read More
Posted 14 hours ago by OpinionNateTed

Good News... I hope

So... daughter is getting out of detox tomorrow orthe next day. she still doesn't know for sure which program she's going to, but at least she knows she's going! It will probably be det...... Read More
Posted 15 hours ago by maggiesnextphase

This and THAT as well 😉

This is a photo post containing 4 photos... Read More
Posted 15 hours ago by bluesonrisas

a busy week with Visitors

On wednesday or so of last week, I got a call from my best work friend from my days at the phone factory. She and I had sat across the aisle from each other and got to be pretty friends with me going...... Read More
Posted 16 hours ago by VickieCollins

don't sweat the Mueller report..

The issue of collusion, conspiracy or not is not the biggest concern here. It is irrefutable that Russia interferred with the 2016 election and that influenced very much affected the outcome. He won b...... Read More
Posted 17 hours ago by beingnobody


Health is still crap but Trumpis SILLgoing to kick ASS! Hillay/Shit Stain and Comey areabout 2 steps away from hearings.Democrats lose control once its shown just how crooked they were and are...... Read More
Posted 18 hours ago by HonkyKong

I Am a Californian

I am a Californian. I was born in San Diego, in one of the northbound lanes of I-5. Well, I-5 didn’t exist then; the old Balboa Hospital was there before the Interstate was built. But nowdays i...... Read More
Posted 19 hours ago by bigfatdaddy

Cleaning for a reason and what to do with an old light fixture

I did a dusting and vacuuming this morning already. So unlike me on a weekend to do that if I don't have to. Since I work from home, cleaning usually gets done during the work week. Gives me some...... Read More
Posted 20 hours ago by sfeastbay

It Appears "russiagate" Is Over - It Was Only Ever A Cheap Political Scheme Exploiting American Fears Of Russia - But It Has Had A Success

John Chuckman COMMENT POSTED TO AN ARTICLE IN MOON OF ALABAMA “Russiagate Is Really Finished” "Russiagate" has always been a meaningless political fraud. When folks like Hillar...... Read More
Posted 21 hours ago by chuckman


////////////////// ///////////////// ///////////////// ////////////////// ////////////////// ////// //////// ////////////////// ///////////////// ///////////////// //////////////////// //////////////...... Read More
Posted 23 hours ago by AmalaTsering

The Tail That Wags the Dog

When I left the house this morning there was someones dog out for a morning constitutional, trotting down the road. A well behaved dog, I add, as he was sticking to the side walk. It is not a particul...... Read More
Posted 24 hours ago by ZenofKen

The True Hero Of Hacksaw Ridge

Every so often one of my Facebook "friends" will post the meme asking what person, living or dead would you like to have an hours conversation with? I never had an answer for that because...... Read More
Posted 24 hours ago by ButteroseSherry


This is a photo post containing 2 photos... Read More
Posted 1 day ago by ricciw55

Silly Sunday

...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by peacefulthinking

If This Happens, Chrystia Plutocrat Freeland Will Be My Prime Minister Soon

Disclaimer: is not a polling firm and the data included herein should not be understood as individual polls of all the electoral districts in the country. Rather, the data you s...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by wesleyonrot

So I am a crier---and who is Nathan Gunn?

Someday I'll have to dig into why I am such a crier!!! (but not today!!) I bought the fire stick Tobisha TV and with thousands of channels since there wasn't anything on TV I wanted to watc...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by greatmartin

A Little Weekend Tune

...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by santasbadelf

Sociopaths and the Irony of the Social Sciences

Formerly the institutions of Churches, Schools the Family, as well as governments, encouraged limitation of both the cognitive and visceral appetites and they did so natively1; those functions have be...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by tjdonegan

I hope this helps to emphasize, I hope this helps to clarify

....I hope you die! @Sabrina...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by MaxLiberty


I know Spring has made it here to my house. The boys are outside tuning up the motorcycles so they will be ready to ride...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by katskorner

The Mueller/Russia Probe News - Bad News For the WhinyCrats...

Now the WhinyCrats think Conservatives owe Mueller an apology for thinking badly of him? he screwed the US Citizens out of ~$25 million! ...and got in out faces for 2 years? Do critics of Muell...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by FedUpToHere

My Favorite Radio Station

There's a new radio station here in New York City on FM radio that I discovered recently while radio surfing. It's WZZZ. Meditation Radio. Now I don't know anything about meditation...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by merchandiser

Carefree Days

Going back in time again. Does anyone remember going to the school on summer break and making pot holders or doing arts and crafts? Our school used to open up for the kids to use the school equipment...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by wendidawn

Are We Sheep - I Don't Know? I Can Dream About It

I always wondered why they didn't make the plural of sheep, sheeps. Look for the typo- police to spot my error and redline me until I change it. Well, I got news for you. I ain't going to ch...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by Thewritertwo


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